quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2010

Trilha sonora: Dystera - Task of the Sages

A dica musical de hoje é a banda de epic/symphonic power metal da Suíça, chamada Dystera. É uma banda nova mas que vem com tudo para enriquecer mais ainda o mundo do Metal Sinfônico! A música é Task of the Sages do álbum Journey into the Shades (2009). Enjoy! :)


great evil befalls us
as the writings always foretold
great evil befalls us
as the writings always foretold
written in stone is also
utter defeat of shadow
from the forest will rise one of us
to conquer the enemy

listen to us hopeful youngling
the time now has come
prepare to leave your home
and to journey far away
gather your strength young warrior
you’ve been charged with this task
fill the surrounding darkness with
the glow of a new day’s dawn

heavy’s the load of
the burden you have to carry
you will fulfil the most
ancient of prophecies
go seek the hidden tower
in the centre of the world
find out the secret…

plight of the knights
.to fight for the light
swords raised high,
.the fire in their eyes

ancient tome of the wanderer
the book of the world
which hold in sacred letters
the fate of mankind
recover the lost prophecies
that perished with the light
return to your kind the hope
of presages fulfilled

be on your way and don’t hesitate
you’re the one to defeat the shadow carry faith in your heart never let it falter at the hideous sight of the enemy

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